Welcome to Gold Arrow Solar

With so many solar company's to choose from, we thought we would explain why bigger is not always better.

A lot of companies spend a lot of money on advertising to get you to buy from them, The way we prefer to advertise is word-of-mouth. (Passing our advertising savings on to our customers)

When you choose Gold Arrow Solar it's like waiting for the head barber. We don't have a bunch of high pressure salesman who promise the world just to make a sale. You will meet with the owner and he will be there for every step of the installation process, from design to permits, engineering to installation, net Metering to tax paper work.

Our installation crew has been doing electrical since 1963 with zero lawsuits, lots of happy customers and have completed every job they've started. (Not a bad record for a contractor....).They are well trained, extremely efficient, show up on time, and do over 60 jobs a month. We think they are amazing, We're sure you will love them too.

When it's all said and done we think you will agree that word-of-mouth is the best advertising. When we finish your solar project we know you will tell a couple hundred of your best friends about our fabulous service. We look forward to meeting with you very soon.

Have a better than average day.


  • No up front out of pocket cost.
  • Payments that are less than your power bill.
  • 30% Federal tax credit
  • $2,000 State tax credit (Utah)
  • Great financing from Local Banks that Love us.
  • American made panels, racking and inverters.
  • Emergency Battery back up from HUMLESS
  • 25 year factory warranty.